Monday, November 12, 2012

Quantum theory and train passengers

I read some where that quantum theory wasn't a theory about the behaviour of the very small, it was a theory about the behaviour of the isolated.  The argument goes that even you, if separated from other particles to interact with would start displaying quantum theory properties.  It just so happens that the level of separation and disconnection needed to generate quantum theory effects only really occurs at sub atomic particle level where the comparative space between particles is very large.

That and at the train station passenger level.

Cueing up waiting for the Central Wellington - Melling train, there's a whole cluster of people non-interacting, with heads in smart phones, earphones in ears actively non-interacting with each other.

Standing back and observing them, I'm waiting to witness something equivalent to Schrodinger Quantum Entanglement Principal as the passengers, wrapped in their music and web surfing, unconsciously but simultaneously start rotating in unison but in opposite directions with each other...

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